International Graduate Block Course

2021 Lausanne, Switzerland and Online

The mastery of urban data ecosystems is an essential asset to designing, planning and studying cities and extended territories. Since the mid-90s, urban environments are at the center of social, political, ecological and technical innovation. In achieving a just and sustainable society, the data produced in cities, villages and remote areas might just hold a key solution.

Data Think! provides training in multimodal data study and analysis, with focus on both theory and practice. In the course of a week, participants learn about state-of-the-art approach in data-centric research from world-leading experts. Structured around the five phases of the data cycle: collection, curation, processing, visualization and archiving, the course strengthens participants capability to think and work with data in spatial design, planning and research.

At the core of Data Think! is a collaborative project: the development of a multimodal data processing pipeline. In interdisciplinary teams, participants conceive, design, and develop one of the five segments of the pipeline, which follow the five phases of the data cycle. Under the supervision of leading experts in data-centric research, this “hands on” approach infuses participants with digital skills needed today in research, design and the industry.

In addition to learning about data management, collection, curation, processing, visualization and archiving, participants also learn about data ontology, digital risks, data power, data-centric design, open data, version controlling and programming with Python 3.0.

In joining Data Think!, participants acquire the necessary skills to address future urban challenges with todays’ data, and make an impact on cities and their extended territories for future generations.

Data Think! results from the collaboration between the EPFL PhD Program in Architecture and City Science, the EPFL PhD Program in Digital Humanities, the University of Lausanne PhD Program in Digital Studies and the Joint Center for Digital Visual Studies of Max Planck Society and the University of Zurich, and the Joint Center for Digital Humanities of EPFL and the University of Lausanne.

Academic Direction: Shin Alexandre Koseki

Funded by Swissuniversities